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The pile on Monocle 24: ’The Official Christmas time zero 1 Singles guide’ and ‘We Jazz Magazine’. On a musical theme recently we talk with Michael Mulligan, pop-charts specialist and author of ‘The Formal Xmas Zero 1 Singles Book’. Benefit, new jazz subject ‘We Jazz Magazine’.

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‘Conde Nast Traveler’, Frankfurter Buchmesse 2021 and Magculture Live

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‘The tip was to allow children from different backgrounds to enter the diplomatic service, getting some the nobility away from diplomacy.’

– Markus Kornprobst, teacher of international interaction

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The enigmatic realm of truffles

The reason why a great deal of everything we thought we all know about truffles try completely wrong.

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Finer facts

On Tuesday lunch we lead over to the South Korean embassy in Kensington for a vin d’honneur (would youn’t like a vin d’honneur on a Tuesday mid-day? okay, I got to check up just what it entailed). The reception would be to draw the point that the nation’s brand-new ambassador, Gunn Kim, had simply presented their credentials on the king – albeit via videos hyperlink. I’ve found the ambassador once or twice and he’s an experienced diplomat: very engaging, high in fascinating viewpoints and large about his brand new host area. After the finally meal, the guy actually delivered myself and my personal co-worker a gift each: the collagen facemasks that he swears by (he’s an enthusiastic champ of their nation’s beauty products sector).The invitation have stated “lounge suits” nevertheless the ambassador was in a heightened version of national gown (no body would definitely upstage your that day). This included a tremendously high cap with a rather greater brim, held set up with a thick chinstrap; there are beads draping down from the cap also. Layers of tunics and traditional white-toed shoes completed the dress. But what got fantastic is how he thus effectively and unselfconsciously worked the space as though to state that this in fact is his version of a lounge suit.As a child I would check photographs of national gown from around the world and, as an English person, feeling a little omitted. Canadians clearly moved about their everyday company draped in seal pelts in accordance with snowshoes secured their brogues no matter what the summer season, while no Frenchman seemed to actually keep their quarters before squeezing into a Breton leading, affixing a beret at a jaunty position and accessorising the entire look with a garland of onions. And–d8dvhL-H–/t_full/cs_srgb,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/v1364527711/kat-williams.jpg” alt=”datovГЎnГ­ alkoholika”> I ended up being seriously frustrated inside my parents’ insufficient Spanish heritage if it offered you a free move to visit class day-after-day outfitted as a matador and clack your castanets along with your friends into the lunchbreak.Back next, if the English actually ever have a peek in, we had been portrayed in dull grey meets when it comes to fellas several flouncy-skirt wide variety your ladies. And today after around 2 years of lockdown, an upswing of global companies additionally the victory of athleisure, we assume that most of the nationwide halloween costumes being turned aside for one thing from Nike. Bring back the grey suit and trilby kindly.

So great regarding ambassador for standing and representing their country with these types of flawless and unforgettable elan.

On the stroll to work, i got eventually to questioning how many times however be using his outfit. Might he feel right up for providing it occasionally? Well, no damage in asking, i suppose.

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Regional treasures

The appeal on the Japanese countryside consist its wealthy heritage, local delicacies and scenic landscapes.

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Coming hot on pumps from the best-selling The Monocle Book of Japan, our very own brand new publication converts their focus to Italy.

Meer Say Cheese Cases

  • Startpagina

    Op het evenement Margriet Winter Fair was het team van aanwezig. Op de stand van Startpagina konden bezoekers op de foto in een levensgrote setting.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Naast alle Business to Consumer events die Say Cheese verzorgt voor Tommy Hilfiger, fotograferen wij ook ieder jaar op het eindejaarsfeest.

  • PostNL

    PostNL bezorgt en verwerkt in de decembermaand zo’n 130 miljoen kaarten. Hoogtepunt van deze decembermaand is de lancering van de Decemberzegels.

  • ING

    ING sponsort naast de KNVB en het Nederlands elftal ook verschillende kunst- en cultuurprojecten. Per jaar bezoekt Say Cheese gemiddeld 70 ING events.

  • Grolsch

    Onderdeel van de Grolsch campagne tijdens de zomermaanden is de ‘Beugelbar’. Bezoekers konden in een Green Screen-ruimte met hun ‘beugel’ op de foto gaan.

  • Coca-Cola

    Om bewustwording te creëren over recyclen organiseert Coca-Cola in Groot-Brittannië en Frankrijk de doorlopende zomercampagne ‘Happiness Recycled’.

  • Heineken

    Tijdens het EK van 2012 verbond Heineken Nederlanders tot één Oranje legioen door een campagne uit te rollen met honderdduizenden shirts met unieke rugnummers.

  • Ajax Streetwise

    Ajax StreetWise is een initiatief van de Ajax Foundation met als doel om basisschoolkinderen in aanraking te laten komen met voetbal.

  • BjÖrn Borg

    Bread & Butter is de beurs voor fashionbedrijven. Björn Borg gebruikt de beurs om haar merk te promoten op een van de stands.